About Us

Mission: Create a positive example in the culture, through the energy that generates music!

Hibriduz is a Honduran jazz band originally from Tegucigalpa, the group was founded in 2004 by Brian Pagoaga, Jonathan Alarcon, Oscar Rossignoli, Yúnior Velásquez, Jose Antonio Velásquez and Esaú Velásquez, all of them then students of the Honduran National School of Music, who decided on their own initiative to venture into this concept of Jazz, in band they have contributed many incredible musicians such as Dany Morales (DEP), and many more.


Hibriduz Jazz has been a school for different musicians in the country, where each of them has left its mark, of its founders, 2 musicians are still are part of the band; Brian Pagoaga (Trumpet), Jonathan Alarcón (Drums), and for some years they have been part of Hibriduz, Isaac Bustillo (Bass), Kevin Pagoaga (Tenor Saxophone), Oscar Pagoaga (Piano), and its newest member, Orlyn Andino (Guitar).


Naming the group as HIBRIDUZ, which explains in its name the unification and relationship of different personalities and musical inclinations, which describes the composition of the crossroads of each of its members.


In its first years, in 2005, working individually and collectively a repertoire of recognized composers in the genre, the first proposal presented as Hibriduz Latin Jazz, with songs like «Caribbean” by Michel Camilo, which require a great interpretation and a challenging technique management. With this repertoire they are present in recitals, concerts and activities of the Honduran National School of Music.


Beginning the way, the pilgrimage in this genre within our country has been a constant struggle. The almost non-existent opportunity of the surroundings, the carelessness and little initiative of the use of cultural spaces, form a decisive character in the musicians of Hibriduz Jazz, who are passionate and dedicated in keeping alive the art and its free expression, they contribute to the community with their interpretations in a free manner, in order to expand the knowledge of said genre, firmly believing in the good way and intention with which it is exposed.


In 2006, after a series of concerts and presentations that accompanied the musical work; the management, logistics, economic and administrative work by the members of the group, allows them to be recognized as the best youth jazz group in Honduras.


In 2007 they promote their sounds to the musical medium, in which they are increasingly listened to for their accelerated musical growth, driven by the desire and the enormous desire to express themselves.


In 2008 the diversity of genres and musicians that contribute to this idea consolidate the concept of Hibriduz, reaching many people of all ages, sharing scenarios and spaces with a variety of national and international artists in the different fine arts, contributing to the concept Hybrid the energy of composers, plastics, dramatists and dancers.


In 2009 and 2010, enriched by the admiration, applause, acknowledgments and gratitude of the Honduran public, they continue the interpretive work, accompanying and venturing into different genres and styles, adapting the free expression, by which jazz is characterized, thus creating colorful moments and pleasing in the concerts.


2011, full of learning and unification, through a series of concerts that end with a tour in the US, in the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, accompanying in this occasion the singer-songwriter, Karla Lara, with which was achieved a comfortable fusion (trova-jazz). Experience which was shared with different characters of the artistic environment: troubadours, poets, writers and visual artists. In addition to the appreciation and recognition of a different culture, which shares its ideology in every art space, street and people involved in this activity.


In the following years, in complete musical activity, local concerts, festivals, trips in the interior of the country and more, they consolidate the connection of a base of musicians who share the feeling and think of the strength contained in their performances. Filled with the generating energy, which manifests itself through each being, through the love and passion that can be felt when exercising free musical agency.


Hibriduz, currently proposes a fusion of styles, feelings and thoughts with music in a rich contribution to Honduran culture, always looking for musical styles that allow them to renew their talent. This was shown in this year 2014, presenting to its audience a proposal of bossa-jazz, concerts that counted on the collaboration of the singer and guitarist of Brazil, Sander Pinheiro, and the Nicaraguan Trombonist Iván Guevara.


2015 is the year of the band, when their album Session Jazz, is released and enjoyed in Europe and Asia, while achieving a tour in Belgium in the cities of Antwerp, Brussels and ending at the Belmundo Festival in the city of Ghent.


That same year the band made its tour in Asia, being invited as an international band to the World Jazz Festival in Taiwan, specifically in the city of Taipei, also making presentations in the most important cities of Taiwan.


In 2016, the band made an alliance with the Japanese musician SHOTA LEE, and together with a Jazz Big Band, the innovative #PuntaJazz mix was created, this being the inspiration for their second album that is currently in production.


In 2017 the band was accompanied as the first trumpet by the musical director and the career of Jazz of Georgia State University Doctor, Gordon Vernick, to include in the band the dose of Jazz academy necessary to raise the levels of quality, which is one of the priorities of the band.


2018 begins with its Season with private events and a stellar concert linked to the world movement #JazzInternationalDay and the production of its second album #PuntaJazz.


New fusions, unprecedented music, original mixes and excellent performances, is what the renewed Hibriduz Jazz group is offering, which this year continues to conquer hearts, everyone who listens to their music is fascinated by its quality, anyone who listens to one of his concerts reflect with their cheerful faces their satisfaction for the music they offer.


For this year, Hibriduz has made it clear that one of its pillars is to support causes with a social impact by developing the project «Collective Youth Jazz» Big Band in Tegucigalpa, along many talented young people who are starting in the movement of Jazz in Honduras, with the sole purpose of continuing to contribute a little culture through music in our beautiful Honduras.